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SOCS3012C Online Psychology

Grade 11-12 One Semester. Prerequisite is prior completion of a Social Studies course.

What determines behavior? This online eLo course is designed to expose students to the world of normal psychology. This course will provide students with an understanding of their own behavior as well as the behavior of other individuals. Attention is paid to the biology and chemistry of the human brain. Emphasis is placed on the psychological research regarding sleep, dreams, emotions, mental health, and motivation. This course requires reading, oral and written communication, and research skills.

SOCS4000C Online Government

Grade 11-12 One Semester

How is democracy reflected in the three branches of the American system of government? In this online course, students will study the primary concepts of the American political system, including its foundations, structures, and political behavior. This course does not simply look at the institutions of the federal government but also examines the parties’ issues, candidates, and power-pressure groups and their roles in American politics at the national level. Emphasis is also placed on the role of the citizen in a democratic society. This course satisfies federal, state mandates, including Civics Education and district graduation requirements.

SOCS2008C Online U.S. History

Grade 10-12 Year-long. Prerequisite is prior completion of a Freshman Social Studies Course

This online eLo course is a comprehensive study focusing on major themes and concepts essential to understanding American economic, political, and social institutions. Learning emphasizes analytical writing, interpreting historical documents, developing both written and oral communication skills, understanding cause and effect relationships, discovering the significance of people, places, and events impacting U.S. history, and applying historical principles in today’s world. This course satisfies the American History graduation requirement.

SCI2020C Online Sustainable Energy

Grade 10-12 Semester Course

How can science be harnessed to better manage energy use in our society? This online eLo course will examine this problem using a variety of skills and concepts from the worlds of engineering, math, and science. Concepts such as sustainability, thermodynamics, design, statistics, public opinion, and much more will be explored. This course will be a stimulating introduction to the field of sustainable energy.

PE2101C Online Health Education

Grade 10. One semester, required by the State of Illinois to graduate.

This online eLo course is incorporated into the Physical Education curriculum at the tenth-grade level. It includes the same above areas of study as in the face-to-face course.

*Parents may review course materials used in the instruction of these units and elect to have their child study alternative materials during the time allotted for a unit.

MUSC2000C Online Music Theory

Grade 10-12 One Semester

This music class is an introductory course to the basic building blocks of music in an online format. The content includes the following areas of concentration: notation, rhythm, scales, intervals, chord structures, and elementary ear training. Students will be steered through a schedule of online learning modules.  Students will have regular contact with the instructor and their peers throughout the course.  While available to any student, the online Music Theory course is especially tailored for students who are eventually looking to enroll in Advanced Placement Music Theory.

MATH1004C Online Algebra 2/Trigonometry

Grade 9-12 Placement required

This online eLo course develops the algebraic concepts from Algebra I in greater depth. Emphasis is placed on basic operations associated with the real number system, polynomials and their various operations, graphs of linear equations, equalities and inequalities, matrices, quadratic functions, exponents and exponential functions. Algebra 2 is an essential course for those who plan to continue the study of mathematics in high school and college.

MATH1003C Online Geometry

Grade 9-12 Placement required

This online eLo course provides students with the fundamental vocabulary, properties, language, content and procedures of geometry. Topics include triangles, circles, polygons, parallel lines, and inequalities, with an introduction to coordinate and solid geometry. Emphasis is placed on construction of formal proof, the analysis of the nature and structure of a logical system and on problem solving skills. This course includes applications of the students’ algebraic skills.

ENGL2034BL African-American Literature (Blended)

Grade 12 One Semester.

This course provides a historical overview of African-American literature from Frederick Douglass’ slave narrative to contemporary hip-hop music. Students will examine the importance of literacy, story craft, and social responsibility in the African-American literary tradition. Course materials include poetry, drama, non-fiction, novels, film, and music.

This course meets in a blended attendance pattern using a dynamic, flexible schedule.  For more details  about blended learning follow this link

BUS4001C Online Consumer Economics

Grade 12.

This online course offers students an alternative to a traditional classroom setting while meeting the State of Illinois graduation requirement. The course will integrate economic concepts in combination with development of financial literacy and consumer responsibility. Instruction centers on the role of individuals in the economy – as citizens, workers, and consumers. Students develop skills related to money management; decision-making, use of credit, insurance, savings, investing, taxation, and consumer protection. A deeper understanding of the free enterprise system and laws of supply and demand are developed through real-life consumer simulations.