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INT4000B Senior Inquiry (Blended)

Grade 12  One Semester

This collaborative, inquiry-based course challenges you to identify an authentic topic of interest and investigate it.  

You will connect with classmates, teachers and community members as a part of the process of creating a presentation for a professional audience. 

Students will have the opportunity to research and produce a quality presentation or product in a flexible, blended learning environment.

SOCS 4000A AP United States Government & Politics

Grade 11-12. One Semester. Weighted Grade. Prerequisite is an American History course.

AP U.S. Government and Politics is an introductory college-level course in U.S. government and politics. Students cultivate their understanding of U.S. government and politics through analysis of data and text-based sources as they explore topics like constitutionalism, liberty and order, civic participation in a representative democracy, competing policy-making interests, and methods of political analysis. This course satisfies federal, state mandates, including Civics Education and district graduation requirements.


SOCS4000BL Government (Blended)

Grade 11-12. One semester. Prerequisite is a U.S. History course.

Government introduces the student to the basic principles of political science. Emphasis is placed on students becoming part of an active citizenry. The semester course covers the foundations of government, political socialization, elections and campaigns, policymaking, and judiciary.  This course also provides students opportunities for current events discussions, service-learning, and simulations of democratic processes, all which are central to civic education and an educated citizenry.  This course satisfies federal, state mandates, including Civics Education and district graduation requirements.

This course meets in a blended attendance pattern using a dynamic, flexible schedule.  For more details about blended learning follow this link.

ART1020 Studio Art Techniques

Grade 9-12 No prerequisite.

This semester course will explore a variety of tools, techniques, and media which provide students with the foundation necessary to expand into more specialized areas. Students will create two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art.  A materials fee will be charged.

ART2021 Drawing 2

Grades 9-12. Prerequisite Drawing 1.

This semester course offers the guided discovery of contemporary drawing media and approaches. Students will continue to learn and utilize critical analysis of artwork. Emphasis will be placed on technique, in-depth studies, and personal expressive choices. A materials fee will be charged.

ART1022 3D Printing and Design

Grades 9-12. No prerequisite.

This semester course will explore 3D printing and digital modeling of characters, jewelry, product design, architecture, vehicle concepts, and sculptural objects. Students will experience the art and design process by generating original designs, modeling the designs in 3D software, and printing them with state of the art 3D printers. A materials fee will be charged.

ART1024 Sculpture

Grades 9-12. No prerequisite.

This semester course will give the artist an opportunity to use a variety of sculpture tools, materials, and processes. They will learn and apply the language of design and channel personal ideas and feelings into the construction of 3-dimensional works of art. Emphasis will be placed on how the artist develops and communicates original ideas that visually express a successful integration of different materials.

ART3000I Independent Portfolio

Grades 11-12. Prerequisite:3 semesters of art including level 2 coursework or teacher approval.

This semester course is designed to meet the continuing artistic need of the advanced art student. It is an individually-directed study in a particular area of art agreed upon by both the student and instructor. This course requires a high degree of motivation and self-discipline and is to be offered only to student who qualify. Students may repeat this course for multiple semesters their junior and senior year. A materials fee will be charged.

ART2020 Animation

Grades 9-12. Prerequisite: Computer Graphics 1.

This semester course explores the world of animation including 2D and 3D animation, Claymation, stop motion, traditional hand drawn, flash, and experimental animation. Students will learn the history of animation, a variety of foundational techniques, and current software applications. A materials fee will be charged.

ART4100D Digital Photography 2

Grades 9-12. Prerequisite: Digital Photography.

This semester course explores advanced techniques of capturing, editing, and printing digital photos using Adobe Photoshop. Exploration of visual culture, creativity, and portfolio development are emphasized. Students are highly recommended, but not required to have access to their own camera. Cameras will be available for checkout according to the instructor’s defined parameters. Students enrolled in this course may apply to earn dual credit with the College of DuPage. A materials fee will be charged.