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SCI2022 Botany

Grade 10-12 

This laboratory science course focuses on the plant kingdom, with topics ranging from sub-cellular processes to ecological roles. Content includes: Plant Anatomy and Physiology, Plant Identification, Ethnobotany (Plant Uses), Greenhouse Crop Production & Growing Skills, Plant Propagation, Landscape Design & Management, Aquaponic & Hydroponic Growing, and Sustainability.  Students who successfully complete Botany will have entry level greenhouse skills and knowledge to pursue any plant or ecology based fields of study, careers, and entry level jobs.

SCI 2018BL Chemistry (Blended)

Grade 10-12. Prerequisite is Biology and concurrent enrollment in Geometry.

This course introduces the college-bound student to basic chemistry principles through lecture, laboratory, and group work. The laboratory experience emphasizes the discovery of key concepts through the analysis of student-generated data.

This course meets in a blended attendance pattern using a dynamic, flexible schedule.  For more details about blended learning follow this link.

SCI2011 Environmental Earth Science

Grade 10-12.  Prerequisite is one year of Science or Instructor Approval

This college preparatory course will challenge students to sharpen their awareness of how the natural world functions and empowers students to function positively in the real world as a living human. This course forces the student to recognize their interdependence with many aspects of the Earth’s systems. EES will explore plate tectonics, landscaping forces, food production, water consumption, climate change and weather. Ultimately, students will connect their impact to each of these systems.

SCI2021 Earth and Space Science

Grade 10-12.  Prerequisite is one year of Science or Instructor Approval

This college preparatory course investigates the uniqueness of Earth and illustrates how Earth is part of a bigger universal system. Students will compare how the objects of our universe form and compare them in order to better understand the origins of Earth and how it changes through time. ESS will explore the origins of the universe, how we observe the universe, the structure of our solar system and the geological history of Earth.

SCI2019A AP Physics

Grade 11-12 Prerequisites Honors Physics and AP Calculus (concurrently).  Weighted grade.

This calculus-based college style Physics course is structured to provide a strong preparation in Physics for those intending to major in Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy or Medicine.  Students who successfully complete the course and AP examination may receive college credit and/or a higher placement in college. This course prepares students to take both the AP Physics C: Mechanics and the AP Physics: Electricity and Magnetism exams.


SCI2014A AP Environmental Science

Grade 10-12.  Prerequisites are Biology, Chemistry (may be taken concurrently), Algebra 2/Trig.  Weighted grade.

The goals of the AP Environmental Science course are to provide students with the scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies required to understand the interrelationships of the natural world; to identify and analyze environmental problems both natural and man-made; to evaluate the relative risks associated with these problems; and to examine alternative solutions for resolving and/or preventing them.  Environmental Science is interdisciplinary, embracing a wide variety of topics that include Ecology, Geology History, Sociology, Economics and Chemistry.  Field experiences may include a trip to northern Wisconsin and/or one-day trips to local prairies, streams and forests.  Students who successfully complete the course and AP examination may receive college credit and/or a higher placement in college.


SCI2018A AP Chemistry

Grade 11-12. Prerequisites are Biology, Chemistry and Algebra 2/ Trig. Weighted grade.

Advanced Placement Chemistry is a college level laboratory course dealing with advanced topics in inorganic chemistry. Students may receive college credit in Chemistry by qualifying on an examination administered by the College Entrance Examination Board at the conclusion of the course. This course is weighted and emphasizes problem solving and lab experience.


SCI1005A AP Biology

Grade 10-12. Prerequisites are successful completion of Biology, Chemistry or Instructor approval. Weighted grade.

This course is a college-level laboratory course dealing with advanced topics in Biology. There are twelve mandatory laboratory experiences dealing with such topics as diffusion, osmosis, enzyme catalysis, molecular biology, and genetics. Students who successfully complete this course and the AP Biology examination may receive college credit and/or higher placement in college.


SCI2004 Anatomy and Physiology

Grade 10-12. Prerequisite is Chemistry and Biology (may be taken concurrently with Instructor approval).

This college level course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of human anatomy and physiology. Particular emphasis is placed on animal dissections to help the students learn how the human body functions. Students may apply to earn dual credit through COD.

SCI2003 Genetics (Human Genetics, Bioethics, and Biotechnology)

Grade 10-12. Prerequisites are Biology and Chemistry (may be taken concurrently).

This college level course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of genetics. Students are acquainted with not only classical patterns of inheritance but also present day findings in molecular genetics. Laboratory experiments provide active participation in demonstrating and applying the theories of genetics and biotechnology. Present day bioethics issues in biotechnology are addressed.