• Pathways are a series of courses that align to a certain career area.  This is a link to pathways in a variety of different career areas.


​The Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness Act includes a process for school districts to award College and Career Pathway Endorsements to high school graduates.  Students earn endorsements by completing an individualized learning plan, a career-focused instructional sequence, and professional learning opportunities. Students complete the following to earn an endorsement on their Transcript.

  • 2.0 years of coursework within a specific pathway that includes 6.0 hours of college credit
  • 2 career exploration activities (e.g. career fairs, guest speakers)
  • 2 team-based challenges with professional mentoring (course or club opportunities available)
  • 60 cumulative hours of career development related experiences (internship experiences)


Certifications are designated credentials earned by an individual to verify their legitimacy and competence to perform a job. Your certification is typically displayed as a document stating that as a professional, you’ve been trained, educated, and prepared to meet a specific set of criteria for your role. 

Certifications currently available for students:

  • Adobe Suite: Career Certifications (BUS1039BL), VEI (BUS3020), BUS3007BL
  • Microsoft Office Suite: Career Certifications (BUS1039BL), VEI (BUS3020), BUS3007BL
  • Photoshop Visual Media: BUS1033


Current available pathways

Agriculture & Natural Sciences

  • Environmental Science

Art & Communication

  • Acting & Theatre
  • Graphic Arts (Endorsement available in 24-25)
  • Mass Media & Communications (Endorsement available in 24-25)
  • Performing Arts
  • Studio Art

Human & Public Services

  • Elementary Education (Endorsement available)
  • Secondary Education (Endorsement available)
  • Government (Endorsement available in 25-26)

Finance & Business Services

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial
  • Marketing

Health & Human Services

  • Counseling & Mental Health Services
  • Culinary & Hospitality

Information Technology

  • Information Technology

Manufacturing, Engineering, & Trades (MET)

  • Construction & Architecture (Endorsement available in 24-25)
  • Engineering (Endorsement available in 24-25)
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation & Logistics