Letter from the Principals

Dear Parents and Guardians

The high school years provide a fertile ground to learn, grow, build skills and to make memories that will last a lifetime.  The high school experience is enhanced by a partnership between student, parents / guardians and school.  The transition to high school brings a backpack full of emotions for students and parents; anxiety, excitement, curiosity.  Here are some words of wisdom from District 204 parents to help navigate the transition.

“It really benefited my students to get involved.  One was very into sports and the other into clubs.  It provided them a different kind of connection to the school beyond classes.”

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  The school may seem big but reaching out to teachers or counselors provides a real personal connection.”

“If students have the ability, they should take the challenging classes. Be realistic. Don’t take the easiest path.”

The high school years are also about looking forward and preparing for the next phase of a student’s academic or professional life.  Use this time and the resources available to help in the preparation process.  

  • Start with managing your 4 year academic plan.  Work with your school counselor to be sure you are on track for graduation.  Preparing and adjusting your 4 year plan will prevent surprises and allow for exploration in areas of interest.
  • Evaluate your ongoing academic ambition.  We believe all students that graduate are prepared to succeed in post-secondary education.  Determining your passions and interests will help you to evaluate how post-secondary education fits in your plans.
  • Explore potential career paths.  No matter if that career begins immediately after high school graduation or some time later, use these years to explore areas of interest and talent.

Useful tools toward College and Career Readiness:

  • Your teachers and counselors
    • They have been down this path before and can provide great guidance and support.
  • SchooLinks  – Available through student SSO or through this LINK
    • This is our tool for College and Career planning.  There are great tools to assist in identifying interests and potential careers as well as identifying and applying to colleges that match your specific needs.
  • Credentials 
    • Certifications, licenses and credentials can be earned.  These note achievement in an area of interest or passion. Some credentials are stand alone and others can be earned within a career pathway.  More information about career pathways can be found here. 

We wish you well on your journey through these high school years.  We are eager to get to know you and to work together to create an experience that will provide your foundation moving forward.


Dan DeBruycker, Principal, Metea Valley High School

Dr. Lance Fuhrer, Principal, Neuqua Valley High School

Jason Stipp, Principal, Waubonsie Valley High School

LaTanya Harris, Principal, Wheatland Academy