Online Learning Courses

204 Online courses offer students additional personalized learning experiences. Courses are delivered using the Canvas Learning Management System. Daily or weekly homework may be assigned, yet they offer flexibility for learning that meets the student’s need to personalize when and where they study. Because each course is delivered virtually, students have the flexibility to choose where, when, and how they access the course. In addition, students interact with their instructor and peers using a variety of methods which may include: discussion boards, e-mail, instant chat messages, live virtual conferences, and phone calls.

Students may enroll in the following online courses:

American Government Psychology
Consumer Economics U.S. History
Geometry Video Game Design
Health Web Design
Introduction to Music Theory

As more postsecondary and workforce training experiences move toward the virtual environment, 204 Online experience will prepare students for a successful transition beyond high school. Students should contact their counselor for additional information.

Please note, there are no extra fees for enrolling in an online course during the academic school year. Online summer school courses are delivered on a limited basis and require an enrollment fee per student.