English Language Learning Program

  • Rafael Segarra, Director of ELL Programs
  • Traci Salek, District ELL Program Coordinator
  • Brandi Bane, Department Chairperson, MVHS
  • Tonya Koppin, Department Chairperson NVHS
  • Laura McAran, Department Chairperson, WVHS

The high school ELL program offers English Language Learners a series of courses to assist them in attaining English language proficiency and in meeting state learning standards. Students are referred to and placed in this program based upon the district Home Language Survey, classroom performance, and/or assessment by the ELL teacher.

ELL Course

Course# Title Level prerequisite and/or recommended course work includes
ELL1000 ELL Resource Yr. Placement
ELL1001 Intensive ELL Resource Yr. Placement
ELL1002 English 1 for ELL Students Yr. Placement
ELL2000 English 2 for ELL Students Yr. Placement
ELL2001B Intensive ELL English 2 (2 periods) Yr. Placement
ELL1003 Spanish for Spanish Speakers I Yr. Placement
ELL1004 Bilingual Resource Yr. Placement
ELL1101B Intensive ELL English 1 (2 periods) Yr. Placement
ELL3000 English 3 for ELL Students Sem. Placement
ELL2002 Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2 Yr. Placement