College Credit Courses

Dual Credit

Dual Credit courses allow high school students to enroll in college-level coursework and secure credit at both the high school and college level simultaneously. Courses are taught by high school instructors who are approved by the college. Curriculum, syllabi, and textbooks also meet college guidelines.

For College of DuPage (COD) dual credit, tuition and fees are waived, and a COD transcript is generated. COD grants all college credits, therefore, students should contact COD for final dual credit transcripts after course completion. All COD dual credit opportunities are pending formal agreement between IPSD and COD. These agreements are reviewed on regular basis and subject to change based on qualifications. To qualify students must complete appropriate applications, and placement testing as required. Freshmen are only eligible for dual credit with instructor approval. Any summer dual credit courses offered by COD and other institutions must be approved by the Director of Guidance if the course could potentially replace a required course for graduation. These courses will typically be used on the high school transcript as elective courses, not in place of our course graduation requirements.

Note: Dual Credit classes are tentative agreements and are finalized with the College of DuPage in the summer after the course selection, registration and scheduling process has culminated.

COD Dual Credit Courses and Student Requirements:

IPSD Course Name and Number COD Course Name and Number Testing Requirements
Anatomy and Physiology, SCI2004D Survey of Human Anatomy and Physiology 1500, 4 credits Accuplacer  Reading Category 1 Score or SAT Total score of 950 or ACT Composite Score of 20
Apparel Construction I, FACS1000D Clothing Construction I 1201, 3 credits Accuplacer Category 2 Score or SAT Total score of 950 or ACT Composite Score of 20
Architectural Drafting, TEE3001D Basic Architectural Drafting 1101, 3 credits no test
Media Production II, TEE2007D Introduction to Television Studio Production 1220, 3 credits no test
Computer Aided Drafting and Design, TEE3002D Industrial Design/CAD  MANUF1101, 3 credits
Education 2, BUS1041D School Procedure 1101, 3 credits no test
Digital Electronics, PLTW2002 Digital Fundamentals 1141, 3 credits no test
Digital Photography, ART4000D Fundamentals of Photography 1100, 3 credits no test
Digital Photography 2, ART4001D Foundations of Digital Photography 1101, 3 credits no test
Introduction to Education, BUS1040D Introduction to Education 1100, 3 credits no test
Media  Production I, TEE1014D Introduction to Motion Pictures & Television 1011, 3 credits no test
Senior Foods, FACS4000D Healthy Eating 1554,  1 credit no test
English 12 ENGL4010D English Composition I, 3 credits and English Composition II, 3 credits no test

The University of Illinois offers Dual Credit for Calculus 3.  Students must successfully complete AP Calculus BC and earn a 4 or 5 on the AP Calculus BC exam.  Students must pay the $300 registration fee in advance of the course.  The course is equivalent to Math 241 (4 hours) at University of Illinois.


Advanced Placement (AP)  Advanced Placement course work is accelerated, more sophisticated, and demands a high level of independent effort within a compacted time frame; therefore, each department that offers courses with weighted grades has developed recommendations for student success. These benchmarks are indicators of performance levels or standards for the courses and are available from departments offering classes with weighted grades. These benchmarks often include standardized test scores, teacher recommendation, and grades in previous courses.

Examination fees will be collected for all students enrolled in an Advanced Placement courses during the school registration process.  This fee, in the amount of $100, is fully refundable if students indicate to their counselor an intention not to take the exam before November 1st.  Partial refunds are available until March 1st.  For questions about exam fees and refunds please contact your school counselor.