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PLTW2002D Digital Electronics (DE)

Grades 10-12. Year-long. Prerequisite is IED or POE. Weighted grade.

This course is the study of electronic circuits that are used to process and control digital signals. Digital electronics is the foundation of all modern electronic devices such as cellular phones, MP3 players, laptop computers, digital cameras and high-definition televisions. The major focus of the DE course is to expose students to the process of combinational and sequential logic design, teamwork, communication methods, engineering standards and technical documentation. A lab fee will be charged.

ART2021 Drawing 2

Grades 9-12. Prerequisite Drawing 1.

This semester course offers the guided discovery of contemporary drawing media and approaches. Students will continue to learn and utilize critical analysis of artwork. Emphasis will be placed on technique, in-depth studies, and personal expressive choices. A materials fee will be charged.

ART1024 Sculpture

Grades 9-12. No prerequisite.

This semester course will give the artist an opportunity to use a variety of sculpture tools, materials, and processes. They will learn and apply the language of design and channel personal ideas and feelings into the construction of 3-dimensional works of art. Emphasis will be placed on how the artist develops and communicates original ideas that visually express a successful integration of different materials.

ART3000I Independent Portfolio

Grades 11-12. Prerequisite:3 semesters of art including level 2 coursework or teacher approval.

This semester course is designed to meet the continuing artistic need of the advanced art student. It is an individually-directed study in a particular area of art agreed upon by both the student and instructor. This course requires a high degree of motivation and self-discipline and is to be offered only to student who qualify. Students may repeat this course for multiple semesters their junior and senior year. A materials fee will be charged.

ART2020 Animation

Grades 9-12. Prerequisite: Computer Graphics 1.

This semester course explores the world of animation including 2D and 3D animation, Claymation, stop motion, traditional hand drawn, flash, and experimental animation. Students will learn the history of animation, a variety of foundational techniques, and current software applications. A materials fee will be charged.

ART4100D Digital Photography 2

Grades 9-12. Prerequisite: Digital Photography.

This semester course explores advanced techniques of capturing, editing, and printing digital photos using Adobe Photoshop. Exploration of visual culture, creativity, and portfolio development are emphasized. Students are highly recommended, but not required to have access to their own camera. Cameras will be available for checkout according to the instructor’s defined parameters. Students enrolled in this course may apply to earn dual credit with the College of DuPage. A materials fee will be charged.

ART2012 Advanced Sculpture/Ceramics

Grades 9-12. Prerequisite: A minimum of 2 courses in the 3D strand.

This semester course is designed for individual discovery, and will help students establish ideas and themes. Students will continue to develop techniques in their educational strand of sculpture, ceramics/or mixed media, while working on a portfolio that will showcase their vision and expression. A materials fee will be charged.

WLAN3004A AP Spanish

Grade 10-12. Weighted grade.

AP Spanish focuses on expanding the four communication skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing by exploring a variety of contemporary and classic topics utilizing authentic resources.  Grammar and structure are also reviewed.  The six overarching themes from the College Board are addressed in a variety of units.  A selection of activities will be required during the summer preceding the course.  Students who successfully complete this course and the AP Spanish Language examination may receive college credit and/or higher placement in college.

WLAN3004H Honors Spanish 4

Grade 11-12. Weighted grade.

Honors Spanish 4 focuses on expanding the four communication skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  The students enrich their vocabulary through a variety of media and cultural units utilizing authentic resources.  The class is facilitated primarily in Spanish.

WLAN3003 Spanish 3

Grade 10-12.

Spanish 3 builds on the skills developed in Spanish 1 and 2: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  Students expand their level of self-expression in more abstract situations.  Classroom instruction is centered on an in-depth exploration of  cultures, products, and practice through the use of authentic materials.  Students continue to expand their cultural understanding and awareness.  The class is facilitated primarily in Spanish.