• Don Devany, Department Chairperson MVHS
  • Jonathan Lauff, Department Chairperson  NVHS
  • Mark Duker, Department Chairperson  WVHS

The District 204 Art Program seeks to provide a variety of experiences in the visual arts that enable our students to appreciate and enjoy art, to help guide life and career choices they will make during their high school tenure, to prepare them for further study in art, and to increase their understanding of an increasingly visual world. In most art classes students will make projects that can be taken home. There is a material fee associated with such classes payable at the start of class.

Art Course Listings

Course# Title Level Prerequisite
ART2005 Advanced Drawing/Painting Sem. 10-12 Completed Drawing 2 and/or Painting 2
ART1022 3D Printing and Design Sem. 9-12 None
ART2002 Computer Graphics 1 Sem. 9-12 None
ART2015 Computer Graphics 2 Sem. 9-12 Computer Graphics 1
ART1015 Drawing 1 Sem. 9-12 None
ART2003 Drawing 2 Sem. 9-12 Drawing 1
ART2007 Painting 1 Sem. 9-12 Drawing 1
ART2009 Painting 2 Sem. 9-12 Painting 1
ART1017 Ceramics 1 Sem. 9-12 None
ART2010 Ceramics 2 Sem. 9-12 Ceramics 1
ART1024 Sculpture Sem. 9-12 None
ART2012 Advanced Sculpture/Ceramics Sem. 10-12 A minimum of 2 courses in the 3D strand
ART2020 Animation Sem. 9-12 Computer Graphics 1
ART3000I Independent Portfolio Sem. 11-12 3 semesters of art, including level 2 coursework. Teacher recommendation.
ART3002A AP Studio Art Yr. 11-12 Teacher recommendation
ART3003A AP Art History Yr. 9-12 None
ART4000D Digital Photography 1 Sem. 9-12 None  See course description below for equipment recommendation
ART4100D Digital Photography 2 Sem. 9-12 Digital Photo 1

Art: Dual Credit with College of DuPage

Students enrolled in the following courses may apply to earn dual credit with COD. High school students who wish to take the courses listed below for dual credit will receive college credit and a COD transcript regardless of whether or not they continue at College of DuPage. These credits may be transferable to other institutions. All dual credit opportunities are based upon an agreement between IPSD and COD. To qualify for dual credit, students must complete appropriate applications and placement testing as required by COD. Freshmen are not eligible for dual credit.

Digital Photography 1: ART4000D Fundamentals of Photography 1100 (3 HRS. CREDIT)
Digital Photography 2: ART 4001D Foundations of Photography 1101 (3 HRS. CREDIT)