Business Education

  • Lacy Bugielski, Department Chairperson MVHS
  • John Hanson, Department Chairperson – NVHS
  • Alison Heuer, Department Chairperson – WVHS

The Business Education program offers students the opportunity to explore and grow their interests and talents through a wide range of course offerings aligned to college and career pathways and the development of life skills. Courses aim to prepare students for life and career choices, opening doors and preparing them for further study and life-long learning in an increasingly diverse and dynamic world. The Business Education program includes courses aligned to careers in Accounting, Economics, Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing, Personal Finance, and STEM. A modest materials fee will be assessed in some courses requiring extensive usage of technology or project-based supplies.

Business Course Listings

Business Professional Courses

Course# Title Level  recommended course work includes
BUS1000 Business Orientation Sem. 9-12
BUS3000 Advertising Sem. 9-12
BUS3002 Marketing Yr. 10-12
BUS1002 Management Sem. 11-12
BUS3005 Business Law Sem. 11-12
BUS3007BL Internship (Blended) Yr. 11-12
BUS3020 Virtual Enterprises International Yr. 11-12 PREREQUISITE:Two semesters of business courses from the professional, technology, or financial categories. 

Technology Courses

BUS1033 Visual Media Sem. 9-12
BUS1034 Emerging Technology Sem. 9-12 This course is similar to BUS1038C
BUS1036 Web Design Sem. 9-12
BUS1036C Online Web Design Sem 9-12
BUS1037 Coding Sem. 9-12
BUS1038C Video Game Design (Online) Sem. 9-12 This course is similar to BUS1034
BUS1039BL  Career Certifications (Blended) Sem. 9-12
BUS1040BL  Cybersecurity (Blended) Sem. 9-12

Financial Courses

Course# Title Level Recommended prior course work includes
BUS2000 Business Mathematics Sem. 10-12 Algebra 2
BUS2001 Accounting 1 Yr. 10-12
BUS3016HBL Honors Accounting 2 (Blended) Yr. 11-12 PREREQUISITE: Accounting 1
BUS3017 Finance Sem. 11-12

College/Career Courses

Course# Title Level Recommended prior course work includes
BUS1003 Notetaking & Study Skills Sem. 9-12
BUS1040DBL  Introduction to Education (Blended) Sem. 11-12
BUS1041DBL  Education 2 (Blended) Sem. 11-12 PREREQUISITE:  Introduction to Education
BUS3004 College Test Prep Sem. 11-12
BUS4001 Consumer Economics Sem. 12 fulfills graduation requirement
BUS4001BL  Consumer Economics (Blended) Sem. 12 fulfills graduation requirement
BUS4001C Consumer Economics (Online) Sem. 12 fulfills graduation requirement
BUS4003A AP Macroeconomics Sem. 12 fulfills graduation requirement
BUS4002A AP Microeconomics Sem. 12 PREREQUISITE: AP Macroeconomics

Business Dual Credit With College of DuPage

Students enrolled in the following courses may apply to earn dual credit with COD. High School students who wish to take a course listed below for dual credit will receive college credit and a COD transcript regardless of whether or not they continue at College of DuPage. These credits may be transferable to other institutions. All dual credit opportunities are pending an agreement between IPSD and COD. To qualify for dual credit, students must complete appropriate applications and placement testing as required by COD.

Course Completed at MVHS, NVHS, WVHS Credit at COD
Blended Introduction to Education: BUS1040DBL Introduction to Education 1100: (3 hrs. credit)
Blended Education 2: BUS1041DBL School Procedures 1101: (3 hrs. credit)