Physical Education, Health Education, and Driver Education

  • Craig Tomczak, Department Chairperson – MVHS
  • Bill Casey, Department Chairperson – NVHS
  • Kevin Chaffee, Department Chairperson – WVHS

The Physical Education programs seek to provide opportunities for each student to develop their individual fitness level through a wide variety of coeducational, fitness-based activities.

Physical Education, Health, & Driver Education Course Listings


Course# Title Level prerequisite and/or recommended course work includes
PE1100 P.E. (Freshman)* Yr. 9 None
PE2100 P.E. (Sophomore) Yr. 10 P.E. 1
PE3100 P.E. (Junior) Yr. 11 P.E. 2
PE4100 P.E. (Senior) Yr. 12 P.E. 3
PE1111BL P.E. (Blended) Yr. 9-12
PE1000 Adapted P.E. Yr. 9-12 Placement
PE1029 P.E. Leader Yr. 11-12 Instructor approval
PE1052D Lifeguarding* Yr. 11-12 Instructor approval
PE1046 Peer Partners Yr. 11-12 Instructor approval
PE3300BL Sports Medicine (Blended) Yr. 11-12

PE: Dual Credit with College of DuPage

Students enrolled in the following courses may apply to earn dual credit with COD. High School students who wish to take the course listed below for dual credit will receive college credit and a COD transcript regardless of whether or not they continue at College of DuPage. These credits may be transferable to other institutions. Freshmen are not eligible for dual credit.


Course# Title Level prerequisite and/or recommended course work includes
PE2101 Health Education Sem. 10 None
PE2101C Health Education (Online) Sem. 10 None
PE3101 Advanced Health Sem. 11-12 Instructor Approval


The State of Illinois requires two phases of instruction to obtain a driver’s license. Additionally, the State requires that a student pass a minimum of 8 classes in the two preceding semesters (including middle school) to take Driver Education.  Driver Education is open to all eligible students that reside within the district between the ages of 15-21 who request the course.  Students are scheduled by birthdate priority. A student is not guaranteed driving during the semester he or she takes the classroom phase of Drivers Education. Any student participating in the behind-the-wheel phase will need to provide the instructor with two checks: one payable to the Secretary of State for the driving permit, the second payable to School District 204 to help defray the expense of the driving phase, an optional service our district provides.

Classroom Phase The State of Illinois requires at least 30 hours of instruction if the student desires to obtain his/her driver’s license before 18 years of age. Classroom instruction must be taken prior to or at the same time as the behind-the-wheel phase.

Behind-the-Wheel Phase . The State of Illinois requires this phase if students desire their license before they reach 18 years of age. At least six hours driving instruction and six hours of observation time is required. Course has a required fee.

Course# Title Level prerequisite and/or recommended course work includes
DRVR2000 Driver Education* Sem. 9-12 Minimum 8 classes passed in previous two semesters

* Course has a required fee