BUS3007BL Internship

Grade 11-12.

Two credits. Year-long.

Internship is a personalized pathway of authentic work experience in collaboration with local employers and mentors. Students have the opportunity to explore and expand career interests through the following experiences.

  • Job Site – Working at a local business (paid work experience).
  • Internship – Interning with a local business (unpaid shadowing experience). Some options include, but are not limited to:  Accounting, Healthcare, Physical Therapy, Financial Management, Law Enforcement, Education, Dentistry, etc.
  • Apprentice Program –  Following a learn and earn model, student will be placed with a professional where they will get on-the-job training (paid work experience). Current pathways include manufacturing and IT.
  • In-School Experience – Working with programs at the student’s home school options include, but are not limited to: Media Department, Athletics, Education, Website Development (unpaid experience)

This course meets in a blended attendance pattern using a dynamic, flexible schedule.  For more details about blended learning follow this link .