BUS3020 Virtual Enterprises International

Grade 11-12.

Weighted grade. Year long. Prerequisite is two semesters of business courses from the professional, technology, or financial categories.

This capstone course provides a simulated business environment in which students create and manage a virtual company, conducting business with other virtual firms nationally and internationally. Students are involved in every aspect of running the business, including human resources, accounting, product development, production, distribution, marketing, and sales. In the simulated business environment, students belong to a specific department depending on skills, prior knowledge, and personal interest. Leadership opportunities within the firm provide further relevant experience. The program enables participants to experience careers, acquire global economic knowledge, develop interpersonal and organizational skills, utilize technology as applied in business, and gain a clear understanding of how employees work together to meet the goals of the company while at the same time conveying the professional expectations of the workplace.  A materials fee will be charged.