MUSC2005 Varsity Singers MUSC2002 Varsity Chamber Singers

Grade 10-12. Audition and instructor approval required.

The Varsity Choirs are the most advanced, mixed choral ensembles. Music-reading abilities and the demonstration of advanced vocal proficiencies are a prerequisite for these ensembles. Students in these courses are expected to be self-motivated and leadership oriented. Varsity Choirs will meet in two different sections: Varsity Singers and Varsity Chamber (most advanced). Members are expected to participate in the 204 Solo & Ensemble Festival. Members will have the opportunity to audition for ILMEA district festivals.  These sections will rehearse and perform both separately and together at various concerts as determined by the directors. Combined rehearsal will take place during lunch period. Varsity and Varsity Chamber Singers perform at all choral concerts. Participation in concert performances outside of the school day is required.