MATH1002B Algebra 1 BLOCK/Algebra 1 Academy

Grade 9-10. Placement required.

This Algebra 1 course meets daily one period in addition to the student’s 1 period Algebra 1 course. This course is designed to support student learning in Algebra 1. In addition to pre-teaching and re-teaching Algebra 1 concepts, emphasis is placed on vocabulary, study skills, and mathematical habits of mind. Students earn one Algebra 1 credit and one general elective credit; the general elective credit is pass/fail). The Algebra 1 units include: solving equations and inequalities, linear and exponential functions, systems of linear equations, quadratic functions, and statistics. Math Practice Standards are the foundation of lessons, teaching students how to reason and think mathematically. A graphing calculator is required (TI-84 or equivalent is recommended).