BUS3007 Business Internship

Grade 11-12. Two credits. Year-long. Requires Instructor Approval

Students earn one credit for work outside of school and earn one credit for classroom instruction that pertains to work-related and/or career issues. The internship instructor will assist with placement and monitor students’ progress throughout the year. Early dismissal is NOT a requirement for this program. Students must provide their own transportation.

This is a personalized pathway of authentic work experience in collaboration with local employers. Students have the opportunity to explore and expand career interests through the following experiences.

  • Job Site – Working at a local business (paid work experience).
  • Internship – Interning with a local business (unpaid shadowing experience). Some options include, but are not limited to:  Accounting, Healthcare, Physical Therapy, Financial Management, Law Enforcement, Education, Dentistry, etc.
  • In-School Experience – Working with programs at the high school and district level aligned to a student’s career interest.
  • Entrepreneurial Mentor – Partnering with local professionals to develop and launch your own business idea/plan.