Pathways to Prosperity

Eight of every ten Illinois jobs require credentials or degrees more than a high school diploma. The Pathways courses of study are part of an innovative State of Illinois-led STEM education initiative designed to support college and career readiness for all students. The Pathways courses of study are organized around career clusters and feature a series of orientation and advanced pathway courses, including early college/College Dual Credit. These courses of study are designed to be accompanied by opportunities for students to enrich their learning through work-based learning experiences as well as demonstrate their understanding through assessments and industry credentialing opportunities. Each Pathway is designed to maximize opportunities and eventually lead to stackable credentials including associate, baccalaureate, and post-graduate degrees.

The overall purpose of following a selected pathway is to prepare for career success in a changing, highly technical, dynamic workplace. Current focus in the region is on three pathways—Advanced Manufacturing, IT, and Healthcare. The following high school courses align with these pathways:

Advanced Manufacturing
PLTW2000 Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)
PLTW2001 Principles of Engineering (POE)
PLTW2002D Digital Electronics (DE)—COD Dual Credit
PLTW2003 Civil Engineering & Architecture (CEA)
PLTW 2004 Engineering Design & Development (EDD)
TEE1001 Engineering Technology 1
TEE1002 Engineering Technology 2
TEE1003 Woods Fabrication 1
TEE2001 Woods Fabrication 2
TEE2002 Introduction to Construction
TEE1004 Power Mechanics
BUS 3007 Internship
Technology Center of DuPage – Biotechnical Engineering
Technology Center of DuPage – Precision Machining
Technology Center of DuPage – Welding
Information Technology
BUS1000 Business Orientation
BUS1002 Management
BUS3002 Marketing
BUS1030 Essential Technology
BUS1037 Coding
BUS1032 Marketing Technology
BUS1033 Visual Media
BUS1034 Emerging Technology
BUS1035 Interactive Media
BUS1036 Web Design
BUS3007 Business Internship
BUS3020 Virtual Enterprises International (VEI)
MATH1006A AP Computer Science 1
Health Sciences
FACS2003 Child Development
FACS4000D Senior Foods–COD Dual Credit
FACS3004 Professional and Technical Internship BUS3007 Business Internship
MATH1006A AP Computer Science 1
SCI2003 Genetics
SCI2004 D Anatomy & Physiology— COD Dual Credit
PE2101 Health Education
PE3101 Advanced Health
Technology Center of DuPage -Fire Science/Emergency Medical Technician
Technology Center of DuPage – Medical Terminology and Health Care Careers
Technology Center of DuPage – Nursing Assistant Training Program
*COD/IPSD Program of Study in Nursing booklet