Business Education

  • Brian Giovanini, Department Chairperson – MVHS
  • John Hanson, Department Chairperson – NVHS
  • Andrea Hendrickson, Department Chairperson – WVHS

The Business Department offers a variety of courses to prepare students for continued education and for development of personal and business skills. A modest materials fee will be assessed in those classes requiring extensive computer usage.

Business Course Listings

Professional Courses

Course# Title Level prerequisite and/or recommended course work includes
BUS1000 Business Orientation Sem. 9-12 None
BUS3000 Advertising** Sem. 9-12 Business Orientation, Marketing Technology, Visual Media, or Interactive Media
BUS3002 Marketing** Yr. 10-12 Business Orientation, Advertising, or Marketing Technology
BUS1002 Management Sem. 11-12 Business Orientation
BUS3005 Business Law Sem. 11-12 None
BUS3005C Online Business Law Yr. 11-12 None
BUS1040D Introduction to Education Sem. 11-12 None
BUS1041D Education 2 Sem. 11-12 Introduction to Education
BUS3007 Business Internship+ Yr. 11-12 Approval of Business Internship Coordinator or Business Education teacher
BUS3020 Virtual Enterprises International** Yr. 11-12 Two semesters of business courses and Business Education Teacher approval

Technology Courses

Course# Title Level Recommended prior course work includes
BUS1030 Essential Technology** Sem. 9-12 None
BUS1032 Marketing Technology** Sem. 9-12 None
BUS1033 Visual Media** Sem. 9-12 None
BUS1034 Emerging Technology** Sem. 9-12 None
BUS1038C Online Video Game Design Sem. 9-12 This course similar to BUS1036
BUS1035 Interactive Media Sem. 9-12 None
BUS1036 Web Design** Sem. 9-12 Previous Business Technology Course experience strongly recommended
BUS1037 Coding** Sem. 9-12 Previous Business Technology Course experience strongly recommended

Financial Courses

Course# Title Level Recommended prior course work includes
BUS2000 Business Mathematics Sem. 10-12 Algebra 2
BUS2001 Accounting 1** Yr. 10-12 None
BUS3016H Honors Accounting 2** + Yr. 11-12 Accounting 1
BUS3017 Finance** Sem. 11-12 None

College/Career Courses

Course# Title Level Recommended prior course work includes
BUS1003 Notetaking & Study Skills Sem. 9-12 None
BUS3004 College Test Prep** Sem. 11-12 None
BUS4001 Consumer Economics Sem. 12 None, fulfills graduation requirement
BUS4001C Online Consumer Economics Sem. 12 None, fulfills graduation requirement
BUS4003A AP Macroeconomics** Sem. 12 None, fulfills graduation requirement
BUS4002A AP Microeconomics** + Sem. 12 AP Macroeconomics
** These classes require a materials or workbook fee.
+ Prerequisite

Business Dual Credit With College of DuPage

Students enrolled in the following courses may apply to earn dual credit with COD. High School students who wish to take a course listed below for dual credit will receive college credit and a COD transcript regardless of whether or not they continue at College of DuPage. These credits may be transferable to other institutions. All dual credit opportunities are pending an agreement between IPSD and COD. To qualify for dual credit, students must complete appropriate applications and placement testing as required by COD.

Course Completed at MVHS, NVHS, WVHS Credit at COD
Introduction to Education: BUS1040D Education 1100: Introduction to Education (3 hrs. credit)
Education 2: BUS1041D Education 1101: School Procedures (3 hrs. credit)


BUS1000 Business Orientation

Grades 9-12

This one-semester course introduces students to the world of business. Topics covered include types of business ownership, marketing, accounting, human resources, management, finance, ethics, and economics. These concepts are presented through classroom discussion and project-based learning. Students are encouraged to take this course prior to further study in business such as Management, Accounting, Marketing, and Advertising.

BUS1002 Management

Grade 11-12.

Prior completion of Business Orientation recommended.

Business Management is designed to facilitate students’ conceptual and practical understanding of issues related to management principles, practices, and organizational behavior. The topics explored include leadership, human resource management, motivation, organizational behavior, social responsibility, organizational culture, and communication. Each unit will require a project/activity to assess student learning. A systematic approach has been created with the intention of providing a process for evaluating students’ performances in their development and presentation of class projects for the Management course.

BUS1003 Notetaking & Study Skills

Grades 9-12.

This course is designed for students desiring to learn a more efficient and effective way of studying. Reading and note taking strategies are main focuses of the course as well as techniques provided to develop listening skills, study skills, test-taking skills, and to improve memory and vocabulary. Synergy, organizational skills, and time-management techniques are discussed and applied throughout the course. Such skills can be used by all students whether they are career or college bound.

BUS1030 Essential Technology

Grades 9-12

Students will expand their knowledge in basic technology and its application in academics and the workforce. This course will focus on developing twenty-first century technology skills by incorporating study in Internet research, and computer literacy. Through the use of integrated projects, Microsoft Office, and various design programs, we will focus on building a student’s essential technology skills. Students who desire improvement in basic software application skills will benefit from this course and be better prepared for further study in the computer sequence. A materials fee will be charged.

BUS1032 Marketing Technology

Grade 9-12.

This course will expand a student’s abilities to work creatively and communicate effectively while exploring how technology supports businesses in the field of Sports and Entertainment, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Finance, and others. Through the use of technology and project-based learning, students will further their skills in Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and various online tools to a variety of business applications. Students interested in Advertising, Marketing, Management, Business Internship, or technology-related fields should take this course. A materials fee will be charged.

BUS1033 Visual Media

Grade 9-12.

Students will learn technology skills related to visual layout and design for business application and personal use. This project-based course will incorporate digital photography, image manipulation, design principles, and typography. Current design software programs including Adobe Photoshop and InDesign will be explored in depth. Students interested in Advertising, Marketing, and Web Design should take this course. A materials fee will be charged.

BUS1034 Emerging Technologies

Grade 9-12. (comparable course to BUS1038C)

This class focuses on the development and creation of video gaming, app development and animation. Students will use a variety of software packages to create working, interactive gaming programs and apps. Students will learn about the gaming and app industry and planning tools, such as storyboarding and will continue to build upon their graphics knowledge by creating their own backgrounds and animations. In addition, students will develop their programming knowledge by adding scripting and coding to their projects. Previous programming skills are not required. Students interested in Coding, Marketing, Web Design and Development, and VEI should take this course. A materials fee will be charged.

BUS1035 Interactive Media

Grade 9-12.

A project-based lab course in which students will combine video, audio, images, graphics, and text to create effective presentations in a multimedia environment. Students utilize digital and video cameras, digital editing software, and presentation software. Throughout the course, students will develop skills in communicating, writing, and presenting in a professional environment. A materials fee will be charged.

BUS1036 Web Design

Grades 9-12.

Previous Business Technology course experience strongly recommended.

Students will learn to design and create websites and optimize digital resources. An understanding of visual appeal, effective communication, functionality, and site organization and maintenance will be gained. Course resources include Dreamweaver, XHTML, Flash, and various online services. Students interested in Management, Marketing, and Business Internship should take this course. A materials fee will be charged.

BUS1036C ONLINE Web Design

Grades 9-12.

One Semester. Previous Business Technology course experience strongly recommended.

In this online eLo course, students learn to design and create websites and optimize digital resources. An understanding of visual appeal, effective communication, functionality, and site organization and maintenance are gained. Course resources include Dreamweaver, XHTML, Flash, and various online services. Students will persist in troubleshooting and problem solving while enhancing their ability to communicate through a virtual classroom setting.

BUS1037 Coding

Grade 9-12.

Previous Business Technology course experience strongly recommended.

Computer logic is an important skill in today’s world whether you are interested in business, engineering, science, or computer science. The course aims to provide students with an understanding of the role computation can play in solving problems. It also aims to help students, regardless of their major, to feel justifiably confident of their ability to write small programs that allow them to accomplish useful goals. This course introduces you to coding, including variables, user input, control structures, functions with parameters and return values, basic graphics, and to send messages to objects. The course will introduce lists/arrays, maps/objects, sets, and grids, which are the essential basic data structures that any program will use. A materials fee will be charged.

BUS1038C ONLINE Video Game Design

Grade 9-12. (is similar to course to BUS 1034 Emerging Technologies)

In this online eLo course students gain a complete understanding of the technological and creative aspects of video game design in an easy-to-follow format. Students will have the opportunity to learn all aspects of the creative, business, and technological components required to launch a new video game. Students will develop mastery in hard skills of art, science, and technology as they relate to computer programming. Students will also be introduced to basic hardware and software troubleshooting.

BUS1040D Introduction To Education

Grade 11-12.

Introduction to Education provides an introduction to teaching as a profession in the American educational system. Students will participate in authentic experiences, including fifteen clock hours of field observations in a K-12 school setting. Students will explore, reflect, and begin to develop the skills necessary to become an elementary or secondary educator. The class offers a variety of perspectives on education, including historical, philosophical, social, legal, and ethical issues in a diverse society. In addition to practical experiences, students will learn about the organization and structure of our school system. Dual credit opportunity is available through this course.

BUS1041D Education 2

Grade 11-12.

Prerequisite is Introduction to Education.

Education 2 is a field experience course with each student spending a minimum of 40 clock-hours in a classroom setting. Coursework focuses on the development of human relations and problem-solving skills necessary for an effective classroom. Students examine various policies, procedures, and routine activities that are part of a teacher’s role. This course will meet as a two period block during the school day. The 40 clock-hour field experience is mandatory for credit; students will provide transportation to offsite locations if needed. Dual credit opportunity is available through this course.

BUS2000 Business Mathematics

Grade 10-12.

Prerequisite is Algebra 2.

This course develops and strengthens mathematical and technology skills needed for business careers and business financial management. Problem-solving procedures involving payroll and compensation, manufacturing and production, sales, marketing, banking services, investments, accounting principles, taxation, and data analysis will be emphasized. Students will be able to apply mathematical concepts in various personal and business situations. This course is an excellent choice for the student wishing to pursue a career in a business field.

BUS2001 Accounting 1

Grade 10-12. Year-long.

Accounting 1 tracks the flow of money into and out of a business. It is the study of preparing business records for the purpose of making management decisions. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are applied to the financial data needed to understand businesses organized as sole proprietorships and corporations. Accounting is the language of business and is strongly recommended for any student interested in business as a career. A workbook/simulation fee will be charged.

BUS3000 Advertising

Grade 9-12.

Business Orientation, Marketing Technology, Visual Media, or Interactive Media recommended.

This course will focus on advertising principles and practices. Students will learn the history of advertising, its role in today’s society, how the advertising industry works, careers in advertising, and the principles and techniques used to create ads for a variety of media. Emphasis is placed on planning and designing print ads, radio and TV commercials, and other specialty ads that appeal to certain target markets. Moderate computer use will be required. A materials fee will be charged.

BUS3002 Marketing

Grade 10-12.

Year-long. Business Orientation, Advertising and/or Marketing Technology recommended.

This course examines the field of marketing and its essential role in all aspects of business. Topics covered include the role of marketing in today’s society, marketing careers, product planning and development, pricing strategies, distribution methods, sales techniques, promotion, visual merchandising, and marketing math skills. Marketing principles learned will be applied through industry-specific units on sports, entertainment, travel/tourism, and fashion marketing. A materials fee will be charged for this course.

BUS3004 College Test Prep

Grade 11-12.

This course is designed for junior and senior students desiring improvement in reading, vocabulary, grammar, math, and science skills. Emphasis is placed on improving test-taking skills and learning techniques to improve success on standardized tests such as the ACT. A workbook fee will be charged.

BUS3005 Business Law

Grade 11-12.

This course is designed for students preparing for both the business world and personal life in order to understand the legal environment in which we live. This course will give students insight into the legal rules and regulations that benefit mankind and will promote understanding of the importance of law to both society and the individual. Topics studied include ethics, criminal and civil law, the court system, contracts, law and the minor, law and the consumer, employment law, bankruptcy, wills, and career exploration. Mock trials and a field trip to the county courthouse are utilized in this course to provide authentic learning experiences.

BUS3005C ONLINE Business Law

Grade 11-12

Are you familiar with your rights? This online eLo Business Law course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of the United States legal system as it relates to business rights and responsibilities. Anyone who is planning a career in any area of business will benefit from this class. Civil and criminal law, consumer rights, contracts, corporate structures, and the legal obligations required within business organizations are included.

BUS3007 Business Internship

Grade 11-12.

Two credits. Year-long. Approval of Business Internship Coordinator or Business Education teacher.

This is a cooperative work program between the school and employers. Students work outside of school and also attend class on a daily basis. Topics discussed in class pertain to work-related and career issues. A student will receive one credit for classroom instruction and one credit for on-the-job training. The internship instructor will assist with job placement and monitor students’ progress throughout the year. Early dismissal is NOT a requirement for this program. Students must provide own transportation.

BUS3016H Honors Accounting 2

Grade 11-12.

Year-long. Weighted grade. Prerequisite is Accounting 1.

This is an advanced course for students interested in furthering their career exploration in accounting or any business-related occupation. Study includes corporate and cost accounting for merchandising and manufacturing businesses. Management decisions through the analysis of financial statements are an integral part of the curriculum. Automated accounting using computer simulation is integrated throughout the course. A workbook and simulation fee will be charged.

BUS3017 Finance

Grade 11-12.

This course is designed to be a capstone course in the business curriculum pertaining to the financial sequence. The course will focus on four areas of finance: financial institutions, the Federal Reserve System, international markets, and the US stock and commodities markets. The course will emphasize real-world business and investment situations for student analysis and decision-making strategies.

BUS3020 Virtual Enterprises International

Grade 11-12.

Weighted grade. Year long. Prerequisite is two semesters of business courses and approval of a Business Education teacher.

This capstone course provides a simulated business environment in which students create and manage a virtual company, conducting business with other virtual firms nationally and internationally. Students are involved in every aspect of running the business, including human resources, accounting, product development, production, distribution, marketing, and sales. In the simulated business environment, students belong to a specific department depending on skills, prior knowledge, and personal interest. Leadership opportunities within the firm provide further relevant experience. The program enables participants to experience careers, acquire global economic knowledge, develop interpersonal and organizational skills, utilize technology as applied in business, and gain a clear understanding of how employees work together to meet the goals of the company while at the same time conveying the professional expectations of the workplace.

BUS4001 Consumer Economics

Grade 12.

Consumer Economics, a required course, will integrate economic concepts with consumer skills, a combination necessary for added satisfaction in the use of personal resources. Instruction will center on the student’s role in the economy as a citizen, consumer, and worker. Topics will include money management, buying goods and services, housing, banking and the Federal Reserve System, financial institutions and the use of credit and loans, consumer protection, insurance, savings and investing, pricing of products, supply and demand, taxation, government, and the free enterprise system. The capstone project of the course is a real-life consumer simulation.

BUS4001C ONLINE Consumer Economics

Grade 12.

This online eLo course offers students an alternative to a traditional classroom setting while meeting the State of Illinois graduation requirement. The course will integrate economic concepts in combination with development of financial literacy and consumer responsibility. Instruction centers on the role of individuals in the economy – as citizens, workers, and consumers. Students develop skills related to money management; decision-making, use of credit, insurance, savings, investing, taxation, and consumer protection. A deeper understanding of the free enterprise system and laws of supply and demand are developed through real-life consumer simulations.

BUS4002A AP (Advanced Placement) Macroeconomics

Grade 12.

Weighted grade. Prerequisite is AP Macroeconomics.

This college-level course deals with topics pertaining to microeconomics, including the study of the market system, pricing, resource allocation, distribution, and current domestic economic problems. Students who successfully complete this course and the AP Microeconomics exam may receive college credit and/or higher placement in college. A workbook fee will be charged.

BUS4003A (Advanced Placement) Macroeconomics

Grade 12.

Weighted grade.

This college-level course deals with macroeconomics and includes such topics as the Fiscal and Monetary policy, GPD, inflation, unemployment, and the global economy. Studies also include consumer topics to satisfy the state requirement for Consumer Economics. Students who successfully complete this course and the AP Macroeconomics examination may receive college credit and/or higher placement in college. A workbook fee will be charged.